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Embrace Space

You raise your head in horror. The spaceship crashed and you, the mad scientist, are the lone survivor. You know that to escape you must fight your way through angry robots, defence systems and traps that have turned against you as a result of the crash. From the steaming pile of scraps you manage to build a plasma gun. There is hope again - if only you can avoid the gun overcharging and exploding violently you could make it out of this horrendous prison. Can you make your stand or is time to embrace your fate?

Fight your way through the hordes of angry robots, navigate traps and avoid turrets to make it out alive. Collect power-ups and try not to destroy the platforms you need and be a step closer to escaping! Beware - The more charge your gun has the harder it gets to aim and the more prone it is to exploding and taking you to the infinite darkness.

Install instructions

Unzip and place in one folder. Run EmbraceSpace.exe


EmbraceSpace.zip 55 MB